What are Goa Sausages?

In the year 1498 sailors in their caravels searching for a sea route to India, brought pork chourico and colonialism to Goa...and many other things besides. The people in Goa liked the idea, mixed in their own home-grown fiery spices, and heady pungent vinegar, with pork, to produce Goa sausages, or as we at Dorellis say, Chourico de Goa. From where we get Dorellis Chourico de Goa (Transalation: Dorellis Goa Sausages).

In Goa, we still pronounce it Shoor-reese, exactly as the Portuguese describe their sausages, with the unique spice taste from tropical Goa, that makes the mouth drool, and where the flavour lingers on, unable to be forgotten. We never say Chorizo. We never say Goan sausage, because there are no Goans in the sausage. Simply Goa sausage.

Goa sausages are smoked to pickle the meat and preserve the flavours. Remember, there were no fridges for all of that time. Thus, Goa sausages have served as an added source of protein during the tropical and wet monsoon on the West coast of India, when heaving monsoon seas prevented small fishing boats and canoes from venturing into rough unsafe waters. They also preserved on long voyages back to Portugal.

But you will say, "This is Fusion Food", and Dorellis says "Absolutely, this fusion happened almost 450 years before anyone ever thought of that trendy concept, Fusion Food" Dorellis has now brought this spice Goan fusion food to you, made from all Australian Pork. Check out our recipes, they come with the sausages you buy.

How would you like to use these sausages. As a hearty slow-cooked in a pot with onions and potatoes, served with bread. As a filling in a bun, and snack on the run. Would you like a few of these sausages pan-fried to a crisp, and served as a spicy side dish to your main meal of the day. Or would you like to store them in your fridge, to use sparingly over many months. After all, this is pickled meat. Our use it as a rice pulao, a Feijoada or a Sausage Chilli Fry. All Gluten free of course. The choice is yours.

Authored By: Noel Monteiro

How are Dorellis Goa Sausages Made?

The Dorellis Goan Portuguese sausage (Chorizo) is made from 100% Australian farm bred Pork shoulders and there are no fillers used. The pork is diced and then marinated for 24 hours in a carefully selected ground spice mix with Coconut Palm Toddy Vinegar (Toddy is the sap extracted from unopened spate of the Coconut Tree (when spate opens, flowers bloom from which coconuts are formed)). We insist on only using Coconut Palm Toddy Vinegar as this is what gives the Goa Sausage its unique flavour. Alternate vinegars like white vinegar (made from acetic acid) which is cheap to buy, could be used but you won't get the authentic taste of the Goa Sausage.

Mixing the spices Adding the Garlic and Ginger Blending the spices


The spice mix is ground with ginger and garlic and Coconut Palm Toddy Vinegar into a fine paste. The Diced Pork is then mixed in with this blend of spices and marinated for 24 hrs so that the spice paste penetrates into the meat. Thereafter, the marinated sausage mix is filled in Natural Hog Casing and then smoked and dried in an oven for 24 hours. American Birch wood chips are used in the smoking process as it is ideal for smoking pork. The Goa sausages are left to cool and thereafter are vacuum packed ready for sale.

Adding the Goa Toddy Vinegar to the blended spices Marinating the Pork for 24 Hours in the Goa Sausage spice mix


This entire process is done in an approved facility and we follow proper health and safety standards.

  • Our Goa Sausages are Gluten Free
  • No added colours
  • 100% Australian Pork
  • No MSG