About Us

Many people wonder why Dorellis International Pty Ltd. The answer is simple. Dorellis is a combination of two names. Mine and my wife's name Doreen.

Hi, I'm Ellis Fernandes from the village of Chandor, in the state of Goa, on the west coast of India. Goa was a colony of Portugal for 450 years, which has had a great influence on its cuisine. Chandor is the location of the the ancient capital of the Kadamba kingdom of the 10th and 11th Century. My family home is located within the citadel, the Coutt of Chandor Fort.

Prior to migrating to Australia in 2000, I ran my own vinegar brewing business in Goa using traditional methods of fermenting coconut palm toddy in earthenware pots. I had also developed my own business brand - Dorellis in which I supplied my products to over 300 stores in Western India including 5-star hotels in Bombay Poona and Bangalore. 

Dorellis Coconut Toddy Vinegar - Front Dorellis Coconut Toddy Vinegar - Back

 We settled down in Melbourne and I soon obtained a job with an Australian company making fruit juices. With my skills in vinegar making, I convinced the company to setup a vinegar department, and thus a whole new division was established. There I made sweet spiced apple vinegar, again using traditional earthenware pots. To test how good our vinegar was a culinary product, I sent some samples of sweet and spiced apple vinegar to USA, to be judged at an international competition. The competition was held by Vinegar Connoisseurs International. My Australian apple cider vinegar won the first prize among competitors from a number of different countries.

Award winning apple cider vinegar


Soon after, I left this company to start my own business in 2002. I first started off by making Goan pork chorizos. which is a spicy Goan culinary delicacy, though it took me a while to get where I am at present.