Goan Ready to Cook Spice Mix (Variety)

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  • Authentic Goan Flavours
  • Choose from 9 different flavours
  • Ready to cook seasoning or gravy mix
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Recipe provided
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Choose from a variety of authentic Goan Spices:

Seafood Rechiado:
A tangy vinegar and chilli based paste for a dry decadent meal. Just rub paste well into a good sized pomfret after scouring and salting or slices of kingfish or prawns. Fry or bake on both sides till golden

Fish / Prawn Curry:
For a taste of tradition. Spices blended tastefully to make a rich creamy curry. Simmer with finely ground coconut or coconut cream. Add your favourite fish prawn or even crab for a great flavour

Ambot tik:
Sour and Spicy Fish Curry A recipie for the less indulgent folks. A tangy chilli and vinegar base thin sauce popularly cooked with Shark (Mori) or catfish.

Prawn Balchao
Prawn Fried and pickled in a hot tangy and sweet sauce. Prawn Balchau can be stored after cooking for an appetising accompaniment with steam rice or even a topping for hour de overs

For a less laborious and much sought after recipie of the traditional Goan Sorpotel. This sauce is made from a sweeter variety of chillies for a thicker texture. Par boil pork with a layer of fat,finely dice $ fry then add Dorellis’ Sorpotel paste for a delicious spicy stew popularly enjoyed with fermented rice cakes (Sannas)

A slow cooked pork curry with a chilli and vinegar base. Marinate diced pork for a few hours with Dorellis’ Vindalho paste and slow cook for a tender bite

Chicken Cafreal
A sauce with a corriander and green chilly base for a juicy chicken bake or curry with a difference just right for the corriander lovers.

Chicken Lollipop
A Goan Asian fusion recipie. Ideal for hour de overs. Marinate your favourite cut of chicken in Dorellis’s Chicken Lollipop Masala and bake or fry with or without a batter

Meat Roast
For a traditional Goan Roast - Beef, Pork or Chicken be it the everyday menu or a Goan Banquet. Marinate meat overnight with Dorellis’s Meat Roast paste and bake, or slow pan cook. Makes an excellent main served with potato fries or vegetables.

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